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Jason Smith

Welcome. My name is Jason Smith and nutrition, healthy lifestyle with life enjoyment is my passion. I’ve worked in the world of home health performing physical therapy on the elderly for over a decade. I have a strong desire to meet my clients where they’re at and help them reach their full wellness potential with a whole body approach in a simple, yet powerful way.

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“The Greatest exercise for the human heart, is reaching down and lifting someone up”. This is my core belief and how I live my life to reach and encourage those around me. Having spent more than 10 years doing physical therapy with the elderly population, and working along side so many great medical professionals, I’ve learned so much about what the life choices in our 30s-60’s can turn into to if not fixed by the time we are in our 70s-90s. The chronic diseases that all the HIGHs, like high weight, blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol, can turn into and ruin and devastate our retirement years. I’m now on a PASSIONATE and PROACTIVE mission to work with those BEFORE they reach those years and show them it’s all preventable if we all start early. Let’s do it together.